Why Choose ManageD CI/CD Services?

Organizations struggle to deploy software immediately. Setting-up and maintaining CI/CD operations requires high expertise and is quite costly and having CI/CD handled poorly can result in delays and bugs for your release of applications and also result in poor reviews from the customer.

With DevOps PH Managed CI/CD Services, you do not have to worry about hiring professionals to implement the most effective CI/CD tools for your organization. We will handle all of your CI/CD automation needs while the organization operates its business.


Jenkins with Packaged Tools for Automated CI/CD

Mattermost for ChatOps Integration

Managed CI/CD: GitLab


Pre-developed Open Source Tools

Ready-to-deploy tools in Kubernetes such as Jenkins, GitLab, Grafana, Prometheus, and many more. All comes with high-availability and data backup features.

Cloud Host

All DevOps tools are hosted in the Managed-Cloud Services and have all the conveniences it offers.

Audit Compliance Safe CI/CD

Fully enabled Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) for containerized applications.

Highly Integrated

Our CI/CD frameworks are are highly integrated with Project Management tools, chat notifications, monitoring, central logging, etc.