Why Choose Managed Devsecops Services?

Security risks are growing at a rapid pace, and the pressure is on IT and development teams to stay ahead of the game in order to make sure that their customers do not have their data compromised. The DevSecOps approach is the future of security, but it is not widely implemented yet because of the complexity of implementation and it is a relatively new approach.

With DevOps PH Managed DevSecOps, you do not have to worry about the security of the applications that your organization develop. We will be the ones to ensure the security of your system while the organization operates its business.


Hashicorp Vault for Secrets Management and Sensitive Data Security

Network and Firewall

Active Directory Integration


We Start Manually

Of course, like any other process, manual labor is one of the keys to quality assurance. Using our solid knowledge, we start off manually to ensure that we don't miss out on details.

From Simple to Advanced Automation

We start automating simple alerts, webhooks, and other useful tools for communicating. In this way, we don't forget the small things! Advance slash commands, alerting hooks, and richer data come next. More often, it's the small things that matter.

Vulnerability Assessment

Spot vulnerabilities faster and determine the speed of response and solution for the threat.


There's nothing to fear, DevOps. PH continuously secures all its services and apps in compliance with ISO 27001.