Managed CI/CD:


Automate your software development workflow.

Setting up and maintaining your organization's CI/CD process is crucial in delivering your software as quickly, cheaply, and bug-free as possible. The need for collaboration between members across different teams and projects is necessary for it to happen.

Lack of communication between different members and teams will cause a delay in the project that will affect the product delivery.

GitLab's CI/CD pipeline management system is designed with simplicity in mind. With one click, you can set up a project, set up your segmentation rules, set up your pipelines and get them going without having to worry about configuring everything for yourself.

Introducing GitLab CI.


  • CI/CD process that is tried and tested, with a focus on continuous delivery.
  • A collaborative environment where teams can work seamlessly with each other.
  • No need to worry about the pipeline breaking down or getting blocked by a single member's task.


There are many tools for automating the build and deployment process of software. But GitLab CI focuses on Continuous Integration, making it a great choice for small teams who want to automate their entire process. It is also very extensible, which makes it easy to integrate with other technologies. It is an end-to-end continuous integration and continuous delivery solution that provides fast feedback so developers can get back to coding and does not have to spend hours waiting for tests to complete and deployments to finish.

Gitlab CI is a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery platform for software development. It provides a web-based graphical user interface, command line tools, and API's to manage projects.

DevOps PH can assist organizations set-up, maintain their CI/CD process using Gitlab for the members of the organization to collaborate seamlessly.


Mattermost for ChatOps Integration

Jenkins with Packaged Tools for Automated CI/CD


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