Azure Kurbenetes Service (AKS)

Deploy and Manage Container-based Applications with Ease.

Developers are getting hit with more and more challenges as the IT landscape becomes more complex. They need a way to scale their workloads, without increasing operational overhead or sacrificing agility.

Kurbenetes are a vital part of your business and if setup incorrectly can lead to serious problems. Kubernetes on Azure is a challenging and complicated process which requires constant maintenance and budgeting. Without powerful software management solutions, it's impossible to fully optimize and utilize Kubernetes effectively.

Azure Kubernetes Management is a powerful service that will take care of your Kubernetes deployment. You will be able to focus on running your business, without worrying about the management process.

Introducing Azure Kurbenetes Service (AKS).


  • Deploy, manage and scale your containerized workloads
  • Orchestrate and manage the availability of the application components.
  • Reduce the complexity of deployment and core management tasks.


Azure Kubernetes Service is a powerful and cost-effective container orchestration service that allows you to build and manage containerized applications in seconds and automatically assign the additional resources without the hassle of maintaining additional servers. Azure Kubernetes Service simplifies managed Kubernetes cluster deployment in the public cloud environment and also manages health and monitoring of managed Kubernetes service.

Get started with AKS and deploy your application in minutes. With built-in guardrails and code-to-cloud pipelines, you'll spend less time on configuration and more time building great software.

DevOps PH can help you set-up and maintain your Kubernetes Cluster effectively. We will be the one managing the clusters.


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