Amazon Elastic Kurbenetes Service (EKS)

Manage Kubernetes clusters without the hassle of managing it yourself.

Kubernetes is a powerful, open-source system for managing and scaling containerized applications. However, it's not easy to deploy or maintain.

With Amazon EKS, you can take advantage of all the performance, scale, reliability, and availability of AWS infrastructure, as well as integrations with AWS networking and security services.

On-premises, EKS provides a consistent, fully-supported Kubernetes solution with integrated tooling and simple deployment to AWS Outposts, virtual machines, or bare metal servers.

Introducing Amazon Elastic Kurbenetes Service (EKS).


  • Automate management and deployment of Kubernetes clusters in AWS cloud, on-premises data centers, or both.
  • Ensure your cluster is healthy, secure, and reliably available by running our own clusters for you.
  • Completely scalable to meet your business requirements and can free up time and money to focus on your product.


Amazon EKS is a managed Kubernetes service to run Kubernetes in the AWS cloud and on-premises data centers. In the cloud, Amazon EKS automatically manages the availability and scalability of the Kubernetes control plane nodes responsible for scheduling containers, managing application availability, storing cluster data, and other key tasks.

With Amazon EKS, you can focus on your application and not worry about the underlying infrastructure. AWS Managed Kubernetes is a fully managed service that makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale containerized applications.

You do not need to worry about operating or maintaining Kubernetes clusters for your containerized applications. You can focus on what matters most to you and your business.

DevOps PH can help you set-up and maintain your Kubernetes Cluster effectively using Amazon EKS. We will be the one managing the processes of these clusters.


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